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About Associating a Responsibility with Organizations

You can associate a responsibility with one or more organizations. Associate responsibilities with organizations only when you are implementing delegated administration of users, such as for Siebel Partner Portal (for Siebel Partner Relationship Manager).

A partner user can see responsibilities that are associated with the organization with which the user is associated for the session. A partner user is associated with the organization with which his or her primary position is associated.

A user can be assigned responsibilities across organizations for the purpose of providing the user access to views. However, the user can only see the responsibilities that are associated with the user's active organization.

For example, you could decide that delegated administrator responsibility can only be assigned to users by internal administrators, and not by other delegated administrators. A user can then have a delegated administrator responsibility, but would not be able to see it in a list of responsibilities. Therefore, the delegated administrator could not assign it to other users. You can accomplish this scenario by associating the delegated administrator responsibility with an organization other than that with which the delegated administrator is associated.

NOTE:  Associate each responsibility with at least one organization if you include views that use either position or organization access control in the responsibility.

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