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Set Up Tasks for Standards-Based Web Single Sign-On

This topic describes the tasks that must be completed for a standards-based Web SSO authentication solution so that it can integrate with Siebel CRM. For detailed information on configuring your authentication service, see the vendor documentation.

To set up the third-party Web SSO authentication service, you must perform the following tasks:

  • Install all the components required for the Web SSO authentication service as detailed by the vendor.
  • Synchronize the time on all servers hosting the Siebel application and the Web SSO authentication service.
  • Configure the authentication service to map an SSO header variable uid to the Siebel uid directory attribute.

    The Header variable set in the Web SSO policy must be equal to the value of the UserSpec parameter in the eapps.cfg file. For information, see Configuring the User Specification Source. In the following example, the uid is mapped to the SSO_SIEBEL_USER HTTP header variable:

    Type: HeaderVar


    Attribute: uid

  • Grant access to resources that are protected by the policy domain to all Siebel users.
  • Remove default no-cache HTTP pragma header fields for your Web SSO solution. No cache should be created by Web SSO.
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