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About the Siebel Configuration Wizards

After you install one or more Siebel Enterprise Server components, start the Siebel Configuration Wizard for each installed component, so that you can perform tasks to configure these components.

NOTE:  You cannot operate any Siebel Enterprise Server components until you have configured them. Also, you must be running the Siebel Gateway Name Server in order to configure the Siebel Enterprise or the Siebel Server.

The Configuration Wizard framework supports configuration tasks for multiple components in Siebel Business Applications, including Siebel Enterprise Server components, SWSE, Siebel Management Agent, and Siebel Management Server. Some Configuration Wizard tasks can be run multiple times, while others must be run only once.

The Configuration Wizard automatically runs in the language that you are currently using, if the language is supported for this purpose. Make sure that you have the correct language set at the operating system level. For more information, see About The Language in Which Siebel Installers and Wizards Run.

The Configuration Wizard displays in its title bar the name Siebel Configuration Wizard. Which screens it displays depends on what modules you are configuring.

The Configuration Wizard displays fields and selectable options, such as check boxes or radio buttons. It also displays descriptive text for many of the tasks or settings.

NOTE:  Sometimes this guide refers to the Siebel Configuration Wizard to mean any or all of the Configuration Wizards. Or, depending on the context, this guide might instead refer to a wizard using a more specific name, such as the Siebel Server Configuration Wizard.

The Siebel Configuration Wizards support initial configuration of Siebel Business Applications and provide limited capability to reconfigure components that have already been configured. For example, you can use the wizard to modify Siebel Enterprise Server settings. To reconfigure an existing Siebel Server, you can remove an existing Siebel Server configuration and then re-create it. Alternatively, to modify existing Siebel Enterprise or Siebel Server settings, use Siebel Server Manager.

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