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Deploying a Clone on a Target Computer

Use the following procedure to deploy a clone on a target computer. Before you can deploy a clone on a target computer, you must create it on a source computer. This task is part of Process of Cloning a Siebel Installation.

To deploy a clone on a target computer

  1. Determine your goals for the cloning operation that you are performing.
  2. Verify that the clone was created on the source computer correctly for your purposes.
  3. Log on to the server computer on which you will deploy the clone.
  4. Install and configure the database client software on the target computer. Also create the data source using the same name as on the source computer.
  5. Open a shell window.
  6. Create an installation directory on the target computer that corresponds to the installation location on the source computer.

    For example, you might create a directory like /siebel/ or /siebel/

  7. Copy the Siebel cloning utility and all of the relevant files to the target computer.
  8. Copy one of the existing properties files, and edit the copy appropriately for your operation to deploy a clone. Use a properties file that is similar to one of the following:
    • For an operation to deploy a clone for the Siebel Server, use a file that is similar to
    • For an operation to deploy a clone for the Siebel Web Server Extension, use a file that is similar to

      For example, the properties file must specify the location of the snapshot file that you are deploying. Several other settings are required for deploying a clone to a target computer.

  9. Validate that the snapshot file is located in a suitable location for the deployment operation that you are performing. Copy the file to another location, if necessary.

    NOTE:  You might have created the snapshot file in a network location that is accessible to both the source computer and the target computer. Or, you might have to copy the snapshot file to another location, such as on the target computer, before you run the Siebel cloning utility to deploy the clone.

  10. Enter a command like the following to run the Siebel cloning utility:

    ./ -p properties_file -jreLoc jre_location -invPtrLoc inventory_location


    • properties_file is the name of the properties file that you prepared for this operation.
    • jre_location is the full path of the installed Java Runtime Environment (JRE) software. On AIX, you must use the -jreLoc option. This option is not required on other operating systems. For more information about the JRE requirements for AIX, see Requirements Specific to UNIX or Linux Operating Systems.
    • inventory_location is the full path of the oraInst.loc file (for example, /export/home/oraInst.loc), which points to the Oracle Universal Installer inventory location. Use the
      -invPtrLoc option if you want to specify an inventory pointer file other than the default.
  11. When the operation is complete, validate the creation of a valid installation as a result of deploying the clone. Also review the command output to confirm that the operation completed successfully without any errors.
  12. Perform any additional tasks that are necessary to set up the deployed clone to function as a valid installation.

    For example, if you cloned an installation of Siebel Web Server Extension, then you must run the SWSE Configuration Wizard to complete the configuration of the target instance.

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