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About the Deployment Planning Worksheet

The topics that follow provide the Deployment Planning Worksheet for installing Oracle's Siebel Business Applications product family. This worksheet is an integral part of the installation process.

Before proceeding with installation-related tasks, make a copy of the worksheet topics that follow. Using the copy, the deployment team fills out the first section. Members of the team fill out the information in the sections for which they are responsible. As you work through preparation steps, record the information that you will need while installing and configuring Siebel Business Applications.

In various places in this book, you are prompted to refer to the Deployment Planning Worksheet for specific information about your site and deployment. You also use it to record other important information for future installations, upgrades, reconfiguration, and expansion of your deployment.

Each time that you install a new Siebel Enterprise Server in your deployment, make new copies of the Deployment Planning Worksheet for the deployment team.

CAUTION:  Customers are responsible for ensuring the security of sensitive information, such as account passwords, that might be recorded in this worksheet or in similar documents or information stores created or employed by the customer.

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