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Requirements for Running Siebel Image Creator

This topic is part of Preparing to Create a Siebel Installation Image.

Before you run Siebel Image Creator for one of the supported operating systems, consider the following requirements:

  • Make sure that you have extracted all of the JAR files from the ZIP files.
  • You must place the Siebel module JAR files and the Siebel Image Creator files in the appropriate directory or directories, as described in Determining the Location for the Siebel Media Files and the Siebel Image.

    You must place at least one JAR file representing a Siebel module in the directory where you run Siebel Image Creator, referred to here as the JAR files directory. Doing so enables the utility to determine the version of the Siebel image that is to be created. For example, running Siebel Image Creator in the Siebel CRM version or version JAR files directory creates a Siebel image for that version. If the directory contains JAR files with multiple versions, then the utility prompts for the version when you start it.

    It is strongly recommended that all of the Siebel module JAR files for the same version be located in the same directory (the JAR files directory). Optionally, some JAR files might be located in one or more other directories that you specify while running Siebel Image Creator.

  • Siebel Image Creator includes the following files, which must be present in the JAR files directory where you run the utility. Do not modify these files.
    • The Siebel Image Creator executable program for the operating system on which you run the utility: snic.bat (for Windows) or (for UNIX)
    • snic.jar
    • siebel.ini
  • Siebel Image Creator also includes the following template response files, which you can edit and use to run the utility in unattended mode:
    • sample_snic_windows.rsp
    • sample_snic_unix.rsp
  • You can run Siebel Image Creator in GUI mode or in unattended mode. The following requirements apply only to running the utility in unattended mode:
    • To run Siebel Image Creator in unattended mode, you must use the U.S. English (ENU) locale.
    • When using unattended mode, you can only create a new Siebel image. You cannot add languages or products to an existing Siebel image.
    • To run Siebel Image Creator in unattended mode, you must use a template response file provided by Oracle that you have edited for your purposes. These files are named sample_snic_windows.rsp and sample_snic_unix.rsp. Example values are shown in the template response files. For example, you might specify values like the following, from the file sample_snic_windows.rsp:


  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) must be installed on any computer where you will run Siebel Image Creator. Also, the JAVA_HOME environment variable must be set to point to the JRE installation location at the time that you run Image Creator (for example, /usr/java6_64 on AIX). For supported version information, see the Certifications tab on My Oracle Support.
  • The JAR files from the third-party media must be present when you run Siebel Image Creator to create the network image for Siebel Enterprise Server, Siebel Web Server Extension, Siebel Web Client, or Siebel Tools Client. If these JAR files are not present when you run Siebel Image Creator, then errors about missing library files occur when you later try to install these Siebel modules. For more information, see Siebel Installation Media Contents.
  • A Siebel Image Creator session might take a long time to complete. While the files are being extracted or copied, you cannot click Cancel to cancel a Siebel Image Creator session. Be sure of your selections before you begin creating the Siebel image.
  • For any issues that you encounter while running Siebel Image Creator as described in Creating a Siebel Installation Image, see Troubleshooting Siebel Image Creation.
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