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Postinstallation Tasks for High Interactivity Clients

Siebel Business Applications running in high interactivity use both ActiveX controls and Java controls, which must be downloaded or predeployed to each client computer. This topic describes tasks that you might have to perform after installing Siebel Business Applications so that users of these applications can access the necessary controls.

After you install a new Siebel CRM release, including a Siebel Fix Pack or Siebel Innovation Pack release, the applicable ActiveX controls for high interactivity applications are downloaded onto your users' client computers when they run the Siebel application in the Internet Explorer browser and access the features that use these controls. Updated versions of the ActiveX controls are provided in each Siebel Fix Pack or Siebel Innovation Pack release. This behavior applies to high interactivity applications running in the Siebel Web Client, Mobile Web Client, and Developer Web Client.

As an alternative to allowing users of Siebel Mobile Web Clients and Developer Web Clients to download the ActiveX controls when they run the Siebel applications, administrators can predeploy the ActiveX controls to the client computers by loading the file predeploy.htm in the Internet Explorer browser. This operation is called predeploying, because it is done before the user logs into the application for the first time. For more information about downloading or predeploying ActiveX controls for high interactivity, see the browser configuration chapter in Siebel System Administration Guide. See also About ActiveX Controls for High Interactivity.

When you install the current Siebel CRM release (such as Siebel CRM version or version as a patch installation, an updated predeploy.htm file is placed in the directory SIEBEL_CLIENT_ROOT\public\lang. In this path, SIEBEL_CLIENT_ROOT is the Siebel Mobile Web Client installation directory and lang represents each installed Siebel language. In order to predeploy the updated ActiveX controls, the administrator must load each language-specific version of this file in the browser.

After a new Siebel software version is installed, Java controls for high interactivity are also downloaded. If caching is enabled, then cached versions of these controls might have to be cleared on the client computer. To clear this data, choose Start, then Settings, then Control Panel, and then Java Plug-In. Click the Cache tab, and then click Reset.

After a new Siebel software version is installed, it is also recommended that users clear their browser cache. To do this in Internet Explorer, choose Tools, then Internet Options, and then choose Delete Files from the General tab.

For the minimum supported version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), see the Certifications tab on My Oracle Support. The JRE can be downloaded automatically to client computers, as described in Siebel System Administration Guide.

NOTE:  You can deploy Siebel Business Applications using Siebel Open UI, which is an alternative to the high interactivity client for employee applications, such as Siebel Call Center. For more information, see Enabling Siebel Open UI.

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