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About Documented Requirements

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Before installing any Siebel release, observe all of the documented requirements and review documented installation tasks. See this guide or any updated version of it, the applicable Siebel Maintenance Release Guide on My Oracle Support, the Certifications tab on My Oracle Support, and any other relevant documents on Oracle Technology Network or My Oracle Support. Documentation for each Siebel Patchset release is provided with the Siebel Patchset.

NOTE:  All Siebel modules used within a given Siebel Enterprise must share the same release level (version number), such as Siebel CRM version or version Third-party products must use supported release levels as documented in the Certifications tab on My Oracle Support.

Examples of installation requirements follow:

  • Before installing a Siebel Innovation Pack release for Siebel Enterprise Server (migration installation case), you must shut down services for Siebel Server or Siebel Gateway Name Server, and shut down any running instances of srvrmgr.
  • Before installing a Siebel Innovation Pack release for Siebel Web Server Extension (migration installation case), you must stop the Web server.

Requirements differ for applications deployed in Siebel Open UI, high interactivity, or standard interactivity. For example, after any Siebel CRM release is installed, including Siebel Innovation Pack 2013, the browser health check (if enabled) runs when a user logs in for the first time to an application deployed in high interactivity. For more information about browser configuration and related requirements for high interactivity applications, see Siebel System Administration Guide. For more information about deploying applications using Siebel Open UI, see Enabling Siebel Open UI.

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