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Requirements for Installing and Configuring Siebel Management Agents and Siebel Management Server

This topic describes requirements and prerequisite tasks for configuring Siebel Management Agent and installing and configuring Siebel Management Server.

  • Using Siebel Image Creator, create a Siebel installation image on your network that includes the files required to install Siebel Server and Siebel Management Server for all of the applicable operating systems. For more information about using Image Creator, see Creating the Siebel Installation Image on the Network.
    • Siebel Management Agent is automatically installed with each Siebel Server installation, and can be installed on supported versions of Microsoft Windows or UNIX operating systems.
    • Siebel Management Server can only be installed on Microsoft Windows.
  • On Microsoft Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2012, before you run the installer executable program (setup.exe) for Siebel Management Server for the first time, you must set the compatibility mode to Windows Server 2003 (service pack 1). Do this on each applicable computer where you install Siebel Management Server, for either a new installation or a patch installation. For more information about setting the compatibility mode, see Microsoft documentation.

    For more information about Siebel Business Applications support for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012, see the Certifications tab on My Oracle Support. See also 781428.1 (Article ID) on My Oracle Support.

  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) must be installed on any computer that will host Siebel Management Agent or Siebel Management Server. Also, the JAVA_HOME environment variable must be set to point to the JRE installation location at the time that you configure these modules (for example, C:\Program Files\Java\jre6 on Windows). For supported version information, see the Certifications tab on My Oracle Support.
  • If you use Perl scripts as part of the configuration process, then the computers that host Siebel Management Agent or Management Server must have a recent version of Perl installed. The Perl installation directory must be correctly referenced in the PATH environment variable.
  • If you intend to use Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) with Siebel Management Agent or Management Server, then you must review all of the applicable information before you install and configure the software. For details, see Siebel Security Guide.

    NOTE:  If you are not yet ready to configure SSL, then it is strongly recommended that you postpone configuration of Management Agent and Management Server until you are fully ready to configure SSL for these components.

  • Determine your installation and configuration strategy for your Siebel Servers, Siebel Management Agents, and Siebel Management Server. Review the remaining points in this topic.
  • After you install the Siebel Server software, configure the Siebel Server. Then configure the Siebel Management Agent, using the Management Agent Configuration Wizard. For Siebel Server installation instructions, see Installing Siebel Enterprise Server Components and the Siebel Web Server Extension.
  • Siebel Management Agent cannot be uninstalled separately from the Siebel Server. Uninstalling Siebel Server uninstalls this instance of Management Agent. For Siebel Server uninstallation instructions, see Uninstalling Siebel Business Applications.
  • Siebel Management Server can only be installed on Microsoft Windows.

    One instance of Siebel Management Server can support one or more Siebel Enterprises.

    For installation instructions, see Installing and Configuring Siebel Management Agents and Siebel Management Server.

  • Before you configure Siebel Management Server after installation, you must install and configure at least one instance of Siebel Management Agent. Ideally, you will already have installed and configured all of the Siebel Servers and Management Agents. The Management Server Configuration Wizard can register one or two Management Agents with the Management Server. You can register additional Management Agents by using the Perl scripts that are provided with the software.

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