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About Installing in Upgrade Environments

This topic is part of About Installing Siebel Business Applications.

When you install Siebel Business Applications, you might be creating a new deployment or you might be installing updated software to be used in a deployment that is being upgraded from a previous release of Siebel Business Applications, such as an upgrade from version 8.0 to the current version. A deployment that is being upgraded is sometimes called an upgrade environment. You install your new Siebel Business Applications software before upgrading the Siebel database.

In some cases, you can upgrade the Siebel database directly to Siebel CRM version or version For information about the product enhancements in Siebel CRM or version, see the applicable Siebel Maintenance Release Guide on My Oracle Support.

For detailed information about upgrading the Siebel database, and about tasks that you perform before installing or upgrading, see Siebel Database Upgrade Guide. See also any relevant documents on Oracle Technology Network or My Oracle Support.

NOTE:  Review all of the applicable documentation before you install or upgrade.

For IBM DB2 for z/OS, see relevant parts of Planning RDBMS Installation and Configuration and see Siebel Database Upgrade Guide for DB2 for z/OS.

CAUTION:  As part of installing Siebel Business Applications software in an upgrade environment, in general, you do not perform any database-related tasks described in this guide.

In an upgrade environment:

After installing and upgrading, you might have to perform additional tasks. For example, some tasks that might apply are described in Siebel Application Deployment Manager Guide and Siebel System Administration Guide. See also Preparing to Run Siebel Server Components.

When you install Siebel Business Applications in some upgrade scenarios, you might in some cases be able to install different versions of a Siebel module on the same computer, if this scenario is valid for particular modules and might be helpful to you. For more information, see Planning to Install Multiple Instances of Siebel Business Applications.

After you install the current release, Siebel CRM version or version, you can install the latest Siebel Patchset release. Install the Siebel Patchset release before you initiate the upgrade process. After upgrading, you can install additional patchset releases as they become available.

CAUTION:  After you have started upgrading, do not install any Siebel CRM releases until the upgrade is complete.

For information about types of Siebel CRM releases, see About Siebel CRM Releases. See also the applicable Siebel Maintenance Release Guide on My Oracle Support.

Instructions in this guide apply both for new installations and upgrades, except where noted.

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