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Uninstalling Siebel Enterprise Server or Siebel Web Server Extension

This topic describes how to uninstall Siebel Enterprise Server and Siebel Web Server Extension software for the current release, Siebel CRM version or version Both full uninstallation and rollback uninstallation (patch uninstallation) are described. With a rollback uninstallation for these modules, you roll back to the previously installed software version (such as Siebel CRM version 8.1.1 or, or Siebel CRM version 8.2.2 or

In a full uninstallation, the installed Siebel Enterprise Server software components are uninstalled, which might include Siebel Gateway Name Server, Siebel Server, Database Configuration Utilities, and EAI Connector. Siebel Enterprise Server components might have been installed on a single computer, or different components might have been installed on multiple computers.

CAUTION:  Before you proceed with any uninstallation task, review all of the information in About Uninstalling Siebel Business Applications, particularly the requirements and limitations.

This topic includes the following information:

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