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Resolving Conflicts Encountered During an Import

If Siebel SmartScript encounters conflicts during the import process, it refers to the options you select in the In case of error field. You can select from the following options: Update, Skip, or Add.

These options determine how Siebel SmartScript handles the conflict or error. You can add the element, skip the import of that element, or update the existing element in the database. If you choose the Add option, a duplicate version of the elements in the SmartScript is created (Script, Page, or Question). This duplicate version of the SmartScript has a different name. For example, if you import a SmartScript entitled Revenue Schedule Script with the Add option selected, the application creates a duplicate version of this SmartScript entitled, Revenue Schedule Script_1. The script references within the SmartScript continue to reference the original element name.

If Siebel SmartScript encounters any errors or conflicts, it creates a log file. You can view this log file when the import process has finished by clicking a link. Review the conflicts and errors reported in the log file, and correct each element as necessary, using the appropriate Administration - SmartScript view.

If the contents of a picklist are different in both the exporting and importing databases, a conflict occurs. Update the contents of the picklist before exporting the SmartScript, so that the contents are consistent in both databases.

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