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Monitoring Siebel Server Log Files

Monitor the log files for a Siebel Server using the Server Manager GUI. You can also review Siebel Server log files by manually accessing the file or querying the file with the Log File Analyzer (LFA) utility.

For background information on:

For information on monitoring other Siebel Server run-time operations, see Monitoring Siebel Server Status.

To monitor Siebel Server log files on Server Manager GUI

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Server Management screen, then Servers view.
  2. In the Servers list, select the Siebel Server of interest.
  3. From the view tabs, click Log.

    Each entry in the Log view list represents an event logged in the Siebel Server log file. For further details on each entry, click the record of interest and review information in the Info Detail view.

NOTE:  The Server Manager GUI accesses Siebel Server log files from the log directory of each individual Siebel Server. Siebel Server log files use the following name convention: EnterpriseServerName.SiebelServerName.log.

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