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About the Siebel File System and the File System Manager

The Siebel File System is a shared directory, or a set of directories on different devices, which is network-accessible to all of the Siebel Servers in the Siebel Enterprise Server. It contains the physical files used by the Siebel clients and Siebel Servers. To gain access to files, Web clients connect to the appropriate Siebel Server to request file uploads or downloads. The Siebel Server then accesses the Siebel File System by using the File System Manager (alias FSMSrvr) component. File System Manager processes these requests through interaction with the Siebel File System directories.

For information about administering the Siebel File System, see Administering the Siebel File System. For information about creating the Siebel File System, see the Siebel Installation Guide for the operating system you are using.

When using Siebel Developer Web Client for administrative tasks, you might want to connect directly to the Siebel File System without going through the File System Manager. For examples of these cases and their potential ramifications, and for client setup instructions in each case, see Configuring the Browser for Siebel Web Clients.

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