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Component Definition Commands

Use the component definition commands to create, activate, or delete defined components. Component definitions are contained in component groups, both of which are defined at the Siebel Enterprise Server level. To use a new component, make sure that the component definition is activated and the component group containing the new component is assigned to the appropriate server. For component group commands, see Component Group Definition Commands.

NOTE:  When working with component definition commands, start and run the srvrmgr program for the enterprise. That is, do not start srvrmgr with the /s or -s flag and do not run the command set server.

To create a new component

  • Enter the following command:

    create component definition component_alias_name
    for component type existing_component_type_alias_name
    component group existing_component_group_alias_name
    run mode run_mode
    full name "component_full_name"
    description "description_of_component"
    with parameter parameter_alias_name=value
    fixparam fixed_parameter_alias_name=fixed_value

    The run mode options are:

    • Batch
    • Interactive
    • Background

      The component alias must:

    • Be unique across the enterprise
    • Contain no more than 30 characters

      You must enclose in quotes any keywords that you use in the component description, such as the keywords for or component. The alias or short name is required for the component group that you specify for this component definition. For a list of existing component groups and their corresponding aliases, see Table 32. For more information about component types, see About Server Component Types.

      After running the create command, use the activate component definition command to enable the component definition at the enterprise, component definition level, and to enable and assign the component to the component group that you created. This action only occurs if the component definition is in the creating state. If the component definition is not in the creating state, then the command only enables the component definition at the enterprise level.

To activate a component definition

  • After defining the component, activate the defined component by entering:

    activate component definition component_alias_name

    NOTE:  If you receive an error when attempting to activate a new component definition, then make sure that you did not start the srvrmgr command-line interface program by using the /s or -s flag, which targets only a specific server.

To deactivate a component definition

  • Enter the following command:

    deactivate component definition component_alias_name

To delete a component definition

  • Enter the following command:

    delete component definition component_alias_name

To copy a Siebel Server component definition

  • Enter the following command:

    copy compdef from source_comp_def_alias to target_comp_def_alias

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