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Other Classes

This topic describes methods that reside in a class that this appendix does not describe elsewhere.

Define Method

The Define method identifies the modules that Siebel Open UI uses to determine the location of the presentation model file or physical renderer file that Siebel Open UI must download to the client. It uses the following syntax:

define (module_name ,list_of_dependencies,function);


Siebel Open UI recommends that you use the following syntax when you use the define method:

if(typeof(" SiebelAppFacade.module_name") === undefined){
  define(" siebel/custom/module_name", [], function(){
    SiebelAppFacade.module_name = (function(){
    var consts = SiebelJS.Dependency("SiebelApp.Constants");
    function module_name(){
         SiebelAppFacade.module_name.superclass.constructor.apply(this, arguments);
        SiebelJS.Extend(module_name, SiebelAppFacade.arguments_2);
        return module_name:
      return SiebelAppFacade.module_name;


  • SiebelAppFacade is the name space.
  • module_name identifies the file name of the presentation model or the physical renderer without the file name extension. For example:


  • function defines the class constructor.

You use the Define method when you set up a presentation model or a physical renderer. For an example usage of this method when setting up:

For information about how to add manifest files and manifest expressions that reference the module_name, see Configuring Manifests.

Siebel Open UI uses this Define method to make sure that your code meets the requirements that Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) specifies. For reference information about:

  • AMD, see the topic about Asynchronous Module Definition at the following address at the website:

  • AMD, see the topic about AMD at the following address at the website:

  • Writing JavaScript with AMD, see the topic about writing modular JavaScript with AMD at the following address at the website:

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