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Installing Siebel Email Form for Microsoft Outlook

This topic describes how to install the Siebel email form for Microsoft Outlook. You can install the email form on the server computer where Microsoft Exchange Server runs or on each client computer.

For users on the Siebel Mobile Web Client who use Microsoft Outlook for the Send Email command when disconnected from the network, the email form must be installed locally on the client computer. Deploying the form on local client computers has implications for subsequent updates. Also, a form in the Personal Form Library takes precedence over a form of the same name in the Organizational Form Library.

NOTE:  For additional deployment options for the Microsoft Outlook template and email form, contact your administrator for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server.

The default name for the Siebel email form for Microsoft Outlook is IPM.Note.Siebel. This form must be in a Microsoft Outlook template file. For more information, see About Installing Siebel Email Form.

You can rename the default Siebel email form when you publish it, or publish additional Siebel forms that are based on the default. For either of these actions, make sure that the names of all supported Siebel forms are included in the List of Values type for the Siebel/Outlook Form drop-down list. This list is located in the Outbound Communications view of the User Preferences screen.

To specify a custom form as a global default, you must also specify its name using the Siebel/Outlook Form server component parameter (set on the Application Object Manager component, for Siebel Web Client deployments) or the OutlookForm configuration file parameter (for Siebel Mobile Web Client). For more information, see Parameters for Email Client.

To install the Siebel email form for Microsoft Outlook

  1. Locate the Microsoft Outlook template file that contains the Siebel email form.

    For more information, see About Installing Siebel Email Form.

  2. Optionally, you can copy this file to the clipboard, and paste it to the network before continuing.
  3. Publish the email form to the Organizational Form Library on Microsoft Exchange Server or to the Personal Form Library on a local client computer by completing the following steps:
    1. On the server computer or on the client computer, double-click the Siebel7Outlook.oft template file.
    2. At the prompt, specify Enable Macros.
    3. In Microsoft Outlook, choose Tools, Forms, and then Publish Form As.
    4. From Look In, choose Organizational Form Library (for installation on the Exchange Server computer) or choose Personal Form Library (for installation on a client computer).
    5. Specify the Siebel display name for this form, then save the form.

      The actual name of the email form is IPM.Note.Siebel.

    6. At the prompt, specify to not send the form definition to email recipients.
    7. Close the Microsoft Outlook window without saving a message draft.

      The Microsoft Outlook email form is now ready for use. To finish configuring your use of Microsoft Outlook, see Overview of Completing Configuration for Email Client.

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