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Siebel Email Response and Siebel Business Applications

You most frequently use Siebel Email Response with the following Siebel Business Applications:

  • Siebel Sales. Agents can generate opportunities from Siebel Email Response that sales representatives can access.
  • Siebel Marketing. Companies must be prepared to handle the large quantities of inbound messages that large outbound email campaigns generate. Using the routing rules for the rest of your company, Siebel Email Response processes customer responses to the campaign and outgoing messages that are returned to your company because of incorrect email addresses or overloaded email servers.
  • Siebel Service. This application schedules service requests, installations, projects, and preventive maintenance activities and dispatches these activities to the right person. When customers send email requesting a service call status or a change request, Siebel Email Response routes the email to the correct field agents, enabling them to respond and adjust their schedules immediately.
  • Siebel Call Center. This unified, multichannel, desktop application includes voice and email channels. This application includes Siebel Service, Siebel Sales, and optionally Siebel Email Response. You can configure Siebel Call Center to include channel integration so that an agent can use any available channel to communicate with customers. If the customer sends an email, then the agent can reply using Siebel Email Response. If the customer calls on the phone, then the agent can switch to the voice channel to handle the phone call.
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