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About Inbound and Outbound Communications

NOTE:  The procedures in this guide assume that you do not use left-hand navigation. However, you can set up left-hand navigation. For more information about left-hand navigation and about implementing it, see Siebel Fundamentals for Siebel Open UI.

The following kinds of communications are supported for Siebel application users:

  • Inbound communications. Supports integrating with third-party email servers and processing inbound email (when using Siebel Email Response).
  • Outbound communications. Supports integrating with a variety of third-party communications products, such as email servers, to send outbound communications. Outbound communications include the following activities:
    • Supports the Send Email, Send Fax, and Send Wireless Message commands for Siebel application users. (The Send Page command uses Page Manager, not Siebel Communications Server.)
    • Supports agents sending email replies for Siebel Email Response.
    • Supports users sending communications content to designated recipients using outbound communication requests. You can manually create and submit communication requests through a user interface described in this guide. Siebel Workflow and business services can also create and submit communications requests. Several Siebel modules invoke business service methods through workflows to send outbound communications.

You can create custom drivers for third-party products using the Adaptive Communications API.

NOTE:  Your Siebel implementation might not include all the features described in this guide. The software modules that you purchase determine the available features.

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