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Email Directories and Driver Parameters

When the Internet SMTP/POP3 Server driver or Internet SMTP/IMAP Server driver starts, it creates the following directories:

  • Failed
  • Incoming
  • Loopback
  • Processed
  • Sent

By default, these directories are placed in the bin subdirectory of the Siebel Server installation directory if they do not exist. If you do not want to store messages in the bin subdirectory, then you can specify a different location by changing the values for the communications driver parameters. To change the locations where messages are stored, navigate to the Administration - Communications screen, then the Communications Drivers and Profiles view. In the Driver Parameters list, choose one of the following parameters for the directory location that you want to change, and enter a directory path in the Default Value column:

  • Failed Email Directory
  • Incoming Email Directory
  • Loopback Email Directory
  • Processed Email Directory
  • Sent Email Directory

The following parameters control processing of incoming and outgoing messages:

  • Delete Processed Messages
  • Save Sent Messages
  • Return Attachments
  • Process If Loopback Detected

You can change processing for these email messages by changing the default value of a driver parameter. For more information about the parameters in this topic, see Parameters for Internet SMTP/IMAP Server Driver and Internet SMTP/POP3 Server Driver.

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