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Process of Setting Up Communications Driver Profiles

For Siebel Email Response, communications driver profiles map to individual accounts or mailboxes on a server. For example, or are valid accounts to which you can map a profile.

Because you can use the same driver for many different profiles, you must create a unique profile to differentiate each of your email server accounts. For example, and must have separate profiles. Although you can use any name, it is recommended that you use the email address as the profile name to make each profile easier to identify.

You can determine the email profiles that are available in the From drop-down list on an email reply by associating profiles with responsibilities. For example, you might want your support representatives to send replies only from and your marketing representatives to send replies only from Create a responsibility for each group and associate each profile and agent with the appropriate responsibility.

NOTE:  A specific email address can be associated with only one communications profile and a profile can only be associated with one response group.

Each profile has parameter overrides that assign unique behaviors to it. A common parameter override is Mail Password. This topic provides basic information for creating a communications driver profile.

To set up a communications driver profile, perform the following tasks:

  1. Creating Communications Driver Profiles
  2. Assigning Parameter Overrides to Communications Driver Profiles
  3. Enabling Cryptographic Protocols for Communications Drivers
  4. Submitting Changes for Communications Driver Profiles

Repeat these tasks for each Siebel Email Response mailbox.

CAUTION:  Do not delete a profile from the Profiles list because Communications Outbound Manager might be using it to send a message, and email messages might be lost. Delete a profile only from the response group.

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