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Settings for Mobile Devices

For each person in the Siebel database, the Mobile Device list in the Mobile Devices view contains settings for device name, login preference, and device priority for each mobile device that receives wireless messages. Mobile device information includes the following data:

  • Device Name. The name to assign to the mobile device. It can be any descriptive name. For each person, each device name must be unique.
  • Login Preference. The Auto Login level for the mobile device. You can set the value for each registered device to any of the following values:
    • Automatic Login
    • Password Only
    • User Name and Password
  • Device Priority. The priority of the mobile device. Select a priority, from 1 - Highest to 6 - Unranked, for each mobile device you register. Wireless messages are generally sent to the mobile device with the highest priority for each user.

    To guarantee message delivery, make sure that only one registered device is assigned the highest device priority. Only one device registered for a particular user can have a device priority set to 1 - Highest. Any other registered devices must have the device priority set to 2 or a higher number. Do not attempt to register any additional devices if a device with priority 6 already exists.

    NOTE:  Normally, all messages are sent to the highest priority device and address for a recipient. However, users might override the device priority settings in the Mobile Alerts view of the Mobile screen. When a user enables an alert for a particular device, the alert is sent to that device, regardless of the device priority settings established for the user. For information about configuring mobile alerts, see Specifying Settings for Mobile Devices.

  • Comments. Comments you can enter about a particular mobile device.
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