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About Siebel Insurance eService

Siebel Insurance eService is a Web portal through which customers can resolve service issues and view information related to their insurance policies. Some features are available to you only if your company also licenses Siebel Insurance or Siebel Healthcare product options.

Siebel Insurance eService allows your customers to perform the following tasks:

  • View policy data.
  • Submit service requests, attaching supporting documents, if needed.
  • Report and check the status of insurance claims.
  • View and download forms.
  • View the current cash value of policies.
  • Search for and change healthcare providers.
  • Perform a full text search of a knowledge base of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help resolve a service issue.
  • Submit customer satisfaction surveys to give feedback about the service that they receive.
  • Send an email to a service agent.
  • Register for health-related classes.
  • Locate health clubs that provide discounts for members of health plans.
  • Find out whether their health plan policy covers a drug.
  • Locate affiliated pharmacies.
  • Research drug interaction information.
  • Locate affiliated businesses that perform work related to an insurance claim.

Siebel Insurance eService provides the following additional features:

  • Responsibilities that allow different customers to see different applets on the Siebel Insurance eService Web site.
  • Web pages, views, and applets that you can configure to conform to your business model.
  • A salutation applet that greets a registered user after login. You can configure this applet to contain any targeted content, such as promotions, service request update information, or a birthday greeting.
  • Contact-based login that minimizes the number of accounts required to support all customers receiving Web-based support.
  • Contact-based data visibility that allows customers to see only their own or their household data.
  • A history of each user that is readily available to the service agent and that is independent of the channel of communication that the user chooses.
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