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Group Benefits List

A group policy is a contract with a group to provide insurance to its members. Usually the group is an employer and the members are its employees. After a group policy is established, employees can opt to be covered by the policy by enrolling. After enrolled, the employees are commonly known as members.

Types of group insurance include group health insurance and group life insurance. An employer group often offers group insurance to employees, so group benefits is often used interchangeably with group insurance.

Members can perform the following tasks with their group policies:

  • Check the members on their policies.
  • View eligibility and benefits information.
  • Search for and view profiles of care providers.
  • Change primary care providers.
  • Check the status of service requests.
  • Submit service requests.

NOTE:  All contacts listed on the policy, both primary insureds and others, can see a policy. However, a person who is a primary member of a group policy, but is not an insured member, cannot see the policy.

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