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Additional Features of Siebel eService

Siebel eService has these additional features:

  • Integration Into Existing Web Site. You can customize Web pages, views, applets, and cascading style sheets to conform to your business model and the look and feel of your Web site.
  • Personalization. You can apply custom rules to applets and views so that dynamic content can be further personalized to meet each individual's profile. A salutation applet that greets a registered user upon login can contain content such as promotions, service request update information, or a birthday greeting.
  • Service Entitlement. By turning on entitlement verification, you can restrict your eService customers from viewing and creating service requests if they do not hold valid service entitlements.
  • Web Delegated Customer Administration. In a business-to-business scenario, you can create Web delegated customer administrators at the customer company, who can create and modify user profiles such as login IDs and passwords for their accounts through the eService site, reducing the administrative load at your host company.
  • Data Visibility Controls. Based on the user's account, responsibilities, organization, or access groups, you can control the views and data exposed to your eService end users.
  • Email Notification. By using Siebel Workflow, you can create rules to notify customers of changes in the status of their service requests or expired warranties through email.
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