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Administering Web Access for Siebel eService

Web access administration allows Call Center agents to register usernames and passwords and to assign responsibilities and user types to contacts. For more information about contact administration, see Siebel eSales Administration Guide. Responsibilities determine what views a user is allowed to access. Additionally, the Web Access form allows agents to manage a contact's Web access challenge question and answer.

NOTE:  Because the Web Access Administration view is used by Call Center agents, rather than Call Center administrators, the number and scope of available responsibilities that can be assigned is limited. The administrator can indicate which responsibility records should be available by setting the responsibility's Web Access property to Yes in the Responsibility Administration view. For more information on this view, see Siebel Applications Administration Guide. Only responsibilities with this property are available for agents to assign to contacts through Web Access Administration.

To assign user types and responsibility

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View, Site Map, and then Contacts.
  2. Choose the appropriate type of contacts from the list of contacts.
  3. From the Contacts form, query and select the desired contact.
  4. Select the Web Access tab.
  5. Complete the necessary fields, which are described in the following table.


    Select this field and click the select button. The responsibility window appears. Query and select the desired responsibilities for this contact.

    User Type

    Select the desired user type from the drop-down list.

Registering Users and Managing Passwords

When users perform self registration, they can select a user ID, a password, and a challenge question. The purpose of the challenge question is to confirm their identity in case a password is forgotten. Call center agents can also register users through the Web Access form. The administrators can assign the user a specific password, or they can generate a random password that is emailed to the user.

To register a user

  1. Type the desired user ID in the User ID field.
  2. If needed, assign the user type and responsibility as described in this section.
  3. Create a password:
    1. To create a random password, click the email password button. A password is generated randomly and is emailed to the user without being seen by the administrator.
    2. To assign a specific password, type it in the password field and type the same password in the confirm password field.
  4. In the challenge question field, type a question that only the user is likely to be able to answer.
  5. In the answer to challenge question field, type the answer to the challenge question.

When users forget their passwords, Call Center agents can use the Web Access form to verify users' identities and reassign a new password. They can assign one manually or have a random one generated and emailed to the user.

To manually enter or generate a new password

  1. From the Contacts form, query and select the desired contact.
  2. Select the Web Access tab.

    The user's Web access information, including Challenge Question and Answer, is displayed. The user's password is not displayed for security reasons.

  3. If required, verify the contact's identity by asking the challenge question.
  4. You can assign a new password manually by entering it into the password fields, or email a randomly generated password by clicking the email password button.
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