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Setting Up Product News

To allow users to view news about their registered products:

  • Publish product news
  • Link product news to products

To publish product news

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View, Site Map, Solution Administration, and then Solutions.

    The Solutions list appears.

  2. In the Solutions list, click New.
  3. Complete the fields as needed. Some fields are described in the following table.


    The value entered into this field will not be displayed to the user. This value is used only to facilitate administrative upkeep.


    This field has a 2 KB text limit.


    Select Product News from the drop-down list to classify the solution as a product news record.


    Select the value which reflects the status of your record.

    Publish Internal, Publish External

    These two check boxes allow you to designate the record for viewing internally, (that is, within your organization), externally, (that is, publicly on your Siebel eService Web site), or both internally and externally.

When you link a Product News record to a product, customers who have registered the product can view the product news record in Siebel eService.

To associate product news with products

  1. From the application-level menu, choose View, Site Map, Product Administration, and then Product Administration.

    The Products list appears.

  2. In the Products list, select the product to be linked with product news.
  3. In the More Info view tab, select Product News from the Show drop-down list.
  4. In the Product News list, click New.

    The Pick Product News dialog box appears.

  5. Select a product news record to link to the product and click OK.
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