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Accessing Oracle Global Customer Support

Oracle customers have access to electronic and telephone support for Siebel Business Applications through Oracle Global Customer Support.

Hearing-impaired customers in the U.S. who wish to speak to an Oracle Support representative may use a telecommunications relay service (TRS). Information about the TRS is available at, and a list of telephone numbers is available at

International hearing-impaired customers should use the TRS at +1.605.224.1837. An Oracle Support engineer will respond to technical issues according to the standard service request process.

About My Oracle Support

My Oracle Support is an online support portal that offers you secure real-time access to support information from Oracle. It is a source of information, diagnostic tools, and support assistance. My Oracle Support provides a repository of technical articles, Service Request (SR) access, and the ability to create a personalized home page.

Log in to My Oracle Support to access the My Oracle Support Welcome Center (Doc ID 873313.1) from the Getting Started area. The Getting Started area is your single resource for information, training, and reference materials that will help you get started using My Oracle Support. The Getting Started region on the Dashboard tab will help you learn how to effectively use My Oracle Support.

Only designated contacts of licensed customers have access to My Oracle Support.

About Oracle Technology Network

Oracle Technology Network (OTN) is a community of application developers, database administrators, system administrators, system developers, and architects using industry-standard technologies with Oracle products. It is also a comprehensive source of technical information for Oracle products and technologies.

Members collaborate online to share real-world expertise and best practices for designing, building, deploying, managing and optimizing Oracle Applications. OTN also provides free developer workshops across the globe, as well as sponsoring third-party conferences, user group meetings, and events.

The latest Siebel Business Applications Documentation Library can be found on OTN.

About Oracle Community

Oracle Community is a home for communities across Oracle, with more joining regularly. It is a content-rich, engaging, and interactive platform for sharing information, questions, and comments about Oracle products and related technologies. Every conceivable nuance of using Oracle products and supported standards is covered. The Oracle Community is designed only for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing: users who require urgent support should use My Oracle Support.

About Siebel CRM Community

Siebel CRM Community is an interactive channel on My Oracle Support for sharing information, posting questions and answers, and giving suggestions to your peers about using the Siebel CRM product offering. The Siebel CRM community is moderated by Oracle Support Engineers.


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