Used in: local-scheme, read-write-backing-map-scheme, versioned-backing-map-scheme.


Cache store schemes define a mechanism for connecting a cache to a backend data store. The cache store scheme may use any class implementing either the or interfaces, where the former offers read-write capabilities, where the latter is read-only. Custom implementations of these interfaces may be produced to connect Coherence to various data stores.


The following table describes the elements you can define within the cachestore-scheme element.

Element Required/Optional Description
<scheme-name> Optional Specifies the scheme's name. The name must be unique within a configuration file.
<scheme-ref> Optional Specifies the name of another scheme to inherit from.
<class-scheme> Optional Specifies the implementation of the cache store.

Implementation classes must implement one of the following two interfaces, and include a zero-parameter public constructor:

<jms-scheme> Optional Configures the cachestore-scheme to use Coherence*Extend-JMS as its cache store implementation.