Used in: caching-schemes.


Defines an Invocation Service. The invocation service may be used to perform custom operations in parallel on any number of cluster nodes. See the API for additional details.


The following table describes the elements you can define within the invocation-scheme element.

Element Required/Optional Description
<scheme-name> Optional Specifies the scheme's name. The name must be unique within a configuration file.
<scheme-ref> Optional Specifies the name of another scheme to inherit from.
<thread-count> Optional Specifies the number of daemon threads used by the invocation service.

If zero, all relevant tasks are performed on the service thread.

Legal values are positive integers or zero.

Default value is the value specified in the tangosol-coherence.xml descriptor.
<autostart> Optional The autostart element is intended to be used by cache servers (i.e. It specifies whether or not this service should be automatically started at a cluster node.

Legal values are true or false.

Default value is false.