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Oracle® Real User Experience Insight Accelerator for Oracle E-Business Suite Guide
Release 1.1 for Linux x86-64

Part Number E13494-06
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B Troubleshooting

This appendix highlights the most common problems encountered when installing the RUEI accelerator for Oracle E-Business Suite. The information in this appendix should be reviewed before contacting Customer Support.

B.1 Suites Option Not Available

As explained in Section 1.9, "Creating the EBS Suite Definition", it can take up to five minutes after the installation of the accelerator package before the Suites option becomes available in the Reporter interface.

However, it is possible that, even after waiting, this option does not appear. This problem is caused by an absence of measured data. It is recommended that, before starting to configure the suite definitions, you ensure network traffic is actually being seen by the system. To do so, you should select System, then Status, and then Collector status. The use of this facility is fully explained in the Oracle Real User Experience Insight User Guide.

If necessary, you can force the database RPMs to be applied immediately. To do so, logon as the moniforce user, and issue the following command:


B.2 Network Traffic Does Not Appear to be Measured

In the event that expected network traffic does not appear to be reported, it is recommended that you review the following points:

It is strongly recommended that after installing the EBS accelerator, you login to the EBS application, and execute a critical path through the application. Then, you should search for recorded action within RUEI, and use the Session Diagnostics facility to verify that it is correctly reported. In particular: