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Claim Homepage

The Claim Homepage is the starting point for managing claims. This page contains several sections and displays information that is relevant to you.

NOTE: Your company administrator can customize the layout of your Claim Homepage. In addition, if your user role includes the Personalize Homepages privilege, you can add sections to the page, and remove sections from the page.

The following are some of the sections that can be displayed on your Claim Homepage.

Claims List Section

The Claims Lists section shows the following information.

  • Claims Lists. The first six filtered lists (by default). Filtered lists are subsets or groups of claims that allow you to limit the number of claims to work with at a time.

    Oracle CRM On Demand comes with a set of standard lists. All standard lists are public and visible to everyone. You and your managers can create additional lists, based on different criteria. These custom lists appear above the standard set of lists.

    If an already created list does not appear on the Claim Homepage, click any list. Then, on the Claim List page, click the picklist to see all the available lists, and make your selection.

    The following table describes the standard lists that are available by default.

    Claims List


    All Claims

    All claims to which you have visibility, regardless of who owns the claim.

    Recently Modified Claims

    All claims, sorted by the modified date.

    For information on viewing or creating these lists, see Working with Lists.

  • Manage Lists. This link takes you to the page where you can review all available filtered lists, create a new list, or view, edit, or delete an existing list. The Manage Lists page also includes the standard lists delivered with Oracle CRM On Demand. These lists are view-only, so, you cannot edit or delete them.

Recently Modified Claims Section

The Recently Modified Claims section shows the claims that were most recently modifed, sorted by the modified date. To expand the list, click the Show Full List link. The following procedure describes how to add sections to the Claim Homepage.

To add sections to your Claim Homepage

  1. On the Claim Homepage, click the Edit Layout link.
  2. On the Claim Homepage Layout page, click the arrows to add or remove sections, and to organize the sections on the page.
  3. Click Save.

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