Deployment Considerations - BEA JRockit JVMs

When deploying Coherence on BEA JRockit JVMs please be aware of the following:

JRockit and the Native Posix Thread Library (NPTL)

When running JRockit on Linux, BEA recommends using 2.6 kernels, and ensuring that the NPTL is enabled.
Please see BEA's documentation regarding this issue.


When available Coherence will make use of the highly concurrent AtomicLong class, which allows concurrent atomic updates to long values without requiring synchronization. BEA 1.4 JVMs do not fully support AtomicLong and thus if Coherence detects that it is being run on a BEA 1.4 JVM it will default to a safe but slower synchronized implementation, and will output the following log message.

sun.misc.AtomicLong is not supported on this JVM; using a synchronized counter.

Upgrading to JRockit 1.5 will allow the use of the highly concurrent implementation.