Deployment Considerations - z OS

When deploying Coherence on z/OS please be aware of the following:


When deploying Coherence into environments where the default character set is EBCDIC rather than ASCII, please make sure that Coherence the configuration files which are loaded from JAR files or off of the classpath are in ASCII format. Configuration files loaded directly from the file system should be stored in the systems native format of EBCDIC.


Under some circumstances, Coherence cluster nodes that run within the same logical partition (LPAR) on z/OS on IBM zSeries cannot communicate with each other. (This problem does not occur on the zSeries when running on Linux.)

The root cause is that z/OS may bind the MulticastSocket that Coherence uses to an automatically-assigned port, but Coherence requires the use of a specific port in order for cluster discovery to operate correctly. (Coherence does explicitly initialize the to use the necessary port, but that information appears to be ignored on z/OS when there already is an instance of Coherence running within that same LPAR.)

The solution is to run only one instance of Coherence within a z/OS LPAR; if multiple instances are required, each instance of Coherence should be run in a separate z/OS LPAR. Alternatively well-known-addresses may be used.