Used in: packet-delivery.


The flow-control element contains configuration information related to packet throttling and remote GC detection.

Remote GC Detection

Remote Pause detection allows Coherence to detect and react to a cluster node becoming unresponsive (likely due to a long GC). Once a node is marked as paused, packets addressed to it will be sent at a lower rate until the node resumes responding. This remote GC detection is used to avoid flooding a node while it is incapable of responding.

Packet Throttling

Flow control allows Coherence to dynamically adjust the rate at which packets are transmitted to a given cluster node based on point to point transmission statistics.


The following table describes the elements you can define within the flow-control element.

Element Required/Optional Description
<enabled> Optional Specifies if flow control is enabled. Default is true
<pause-detection> Optional Defines the number of packets that will be resent to an unresponsive cluster node before assuming that the node is paused.
<outstanding-packets> Optional Defines the number of unconfirmed packets that will be sent to a cluster node before packets addressed to that node will be deferred.