Used in: cluster-config.


The outgoing-message-handler splits logical messages into packets for transmission on the network, and enqueues them on the packet-publisher.


The following table describes the elements you can define within the outgoing-message-handler element.

Element Required/Optional Description
<use-daemon> Optional Specifies whether or not a daemon thread will be created to perform the outgoing message handling.

Deprecated as of Coherence 3.2, splitting messages into packets is always performed on the message originators thread.
<use-filters> Optional Contains the list of filter names to be used by this outgoing message handler.

For example, specifying use-filter as follows

will activate gzip compression for all network messages, which can help substantially with WAN and low-bandwidth networks.

<priority> Required Specifies a priority of the outgoing message handler execution thread.

Deprecated as of Coherence 3.2.

The content override attribute xml-override can be optionally used to fully or partially override the contents of this element with XML document that is external to the base document.