Used in: cluster-config.


Specifies configuration information for the Packet speaker, used for network data transmission.

Offloaded Transmission

The Packet speaker is responsible for sending packets on the network. The speaker is utilized when the Packet publisher detects that a network send operation is likely to block. This allows the Packet publisher to avoid blocking on IO and continue to prepare outgoing packets. The Publisher will dynamically choose whether or not to utilize the speaker as the packet load changes.


The following table describes the elements you can define within the packet-speaker element.

Element Required/Optional Description
<volume-threshold> Optional Specifies the packet load which must be present for the speaker to be activated.
<priority> Required Specifies a priority of the packet speaker execution thread.

Legal values are from 1 to 10.

Default value is 8.

The content override attribute xml-override can be optionally used to fully or partially override the contents of this element with XML document that is external to the base document.