Used in: coherence.


The following table describes the elements you can define within the security-config element.

Element Required/Optional Description
<enabled> Required Specifies whether the security features are enabled. All other configuration elements in the security-config group will be verified for validity and used if and only if the value of this element is true.

Legal values are true or false.

Default value is false.

Preconfigured override is
<login-module-name> Required Specifies the name of the JAAS LoginModule that should be used to authenticate the caller. This name should match a module in a configuration file will be used by the JAAS (for example specified via the Java command line attribute).

For details please refer to the Sun Login Module Developer's Guide.
<access-controller> Required Contains the configuration information for the class that implements interface, which will be used by the Coherence Security Framework to check access rights for clustered resources and encrypt/decrypt node-to-node communications regarding those rights.
<callback-handler> Optional Contains the configuration information for the class that implements interace which will be called if an attempt is made to access a protected clustered resource when there is no identity associated with the caller.

The content override attribute xml-override can be optionally used to fully or partially override the contents of this element with XML document that is external to the base document.