The index is a metadata repository for crawled documents and provides the search results list.

Object Type


State Properties

Property Value
estimatedFragmentation Decimal number representing the percent of fragmentation; optimize the index when fragmentation is greater than 50%

Supported Operations


Administration GUI Page

Global Settings - Set Indexing Parameters

XML Description

The <search:index> element describes indexing:


Element Descriptions 


Describes the indexing parameters. It contains these elements:


Contains the size in megabytes of the crawled documents before indexing begins. Crawling and indexing run concurrently after the initial batch size is reached. While the index is running, the crawler continues to crawl documents.

The default size is 250 MB.


Contains the number of megabytes of memory used for indexing before swapping to disk. A large amount of memory improves both indexing and query performance.

The default size is 275 MB.


This XML document configures the indexing properties:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<search:config productVersion="" xmlns:search="">