activate identityPlugin

Activates an identity plug-in.

Only one identity plug-in can be active at a time. To change identity plug-ins, de-activate the current one before activating a different identity plug-in. Otherwise, an error results. An identity plug-in is inactive when it is created.


activate identityPlugin --JAR_FILE=jar_filename --MANAGER_CLASS=class  [--INPUT_FILE=xml_filename --ENCRYPT_KEY=key]


activate identityPlugin --JAR_FILE=jar_filename --MANAGER_CLASS=class [-i xml_filename -e key]



Content of a <search:jarFilePath> element in the XML document.


Content of a <search:managerClassName> element in the XML document.


Path to an XML document that contains parameter settings for the object. See identityPlugin.


Decryption key for passwords in xml_filename. If the plug-in description has been exported from Oracle SES, use the same key.

The key must be at least eight ASCII characters long and include at least one letter and one number. Multibyte characters are invalid. If you omit this option, you are prompted for the key.


This example activates an identity plug-in with the configuration settings in identity.xml:

SES>activate identityPlugin --JAR_FILE=OIDPlugins.jar --INPUT_FILE=identity.xml --ENCRYPT_KEY=key2decrypt
The object "[jarFilePath=OIDPlugins.jar,]" was successfully activated.