createAll proxyLogin

Creates all proxy log-ins described in an XML file.

See Also

create proxyLogin


createAll proxyLogin --INPUT_FILE=xml_filename [--DUPE_METHOD=action] [--ENCRYPT_KEY=key]


createAll proxyLogin -i xml_filename [-d action] [-e key]



Path to the XML document that contains the object descriptions. See proxyLogin.


Action to take when an object already exists:

  • error: The createAll command fails with an error. (Default)

  • ignore: The existing object description is kept.

  • overwrite: The new description replaces the existing object description.


Encryption key for passwords in xml_filename. The key must be at least eight ASCII characters long and include at least one letter and one number. Multibyte characters are invalid. If you omit this option, you are prompted for the key.


This example creates all proxy log-ins described in proxy.xml. The status message shows that one of them already exists.

SES>createAll proxyLogin --INPUT_FILE=proxy.xml --DUPE_METHOD=ignore --ENCRYPT_KEY=key2decrypt
createAll operation succeeded for type "proxyLogin".
  2 object(s) with status CREATE_SUCCEEDED
  1 object(s) with status DUPLICATE_IGNORED