getAllStates identityPlugin

Returns the current state of all identity plug-ins as an XML document.

See Also

getState identityPlugin
getStateList identityPlugin


getAllStates identityPlugin [--OUTPUT_FILE=output_file] [--PROPERTY_LIST=status] [key_pattern...]


getAllStates identityPlugin [-o output_file] [-l status] [key_pattern...]



Name of a file in which the exported XML document is stored. You can specify a simple file name, a relative path, or a fully qualified path. When executing on multiple instances, the getAllStates command creates a separate file for each one and appends the host name and port number to the base name.


Object key that specifies a subset of objects to process in the format key=value. The value can include wildcard characters:

  • A percent sign (%) matches zero or more characters. In a multibyte character set, it matches zero or more bytes.

  • An underscore (_) matches one character. In a multibyte character set, it matches one byte.


This example returns the current state of all identity plug-ins:

SES>getAllStates identityPlugin
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<search:state productVersion="" xmlns:search="">