getStateList skinBundle

Returns the current state of a list of skin bundles

See Also

getAllStates skinBundle
getState skinBundle


getStateList skinBundle --KEYS_FILE=key_filename [--OUTPUT_FILE=output_file] [--PROPERTY_LIST=state_properties]


getStateList skinBundle -k key_filename [-o output_file] [-l state_properties]



Path to a text file that identifies the objects. Each line of the file contains an object key. For example:

--NAME="Doc Library"
--NAME="SQL Script Library"

Name of a file in which the exported XML document is stored. You can specify a simple file name, a relative path, or a fully qualified path. When executing on multiple instances, the getStateList command creates a separate file for each one and appends the host name and port number to the base name.


One or more state properties: lastModifiedDate and status. Separate multiple properties with commas. All state properties are returned by default.


This example stores the current state of all skin bundles listed in skins.lst in a file named skinstate.xml.

SES>getStateList skinBundle --KEYS_FILE=skins.lst --OUTPUT_FILE=skinstate.xml
The getStateList operation succeeded.