update partitionConfig

Changes the settings of the partition configuration parameters from an XML description. You can update the configuration only under these conditions:

  • Immediately after installing Oracle SES.

  • Before crawling any data source.

  • After dropping all data sources.

When a partition rule is in use, you cannot modify it.


update partitionConfig --UPDATE_METHOD=method --INPUT_FILE=xml_filename

update partitionConfig -a method -i xml_filename



Controls the method used to update the properties of an object. Enter an update method:

  • overwrite: Replaces the existing property values with the new values.


Path to the XML document that configures the object. See partitionConfig.


The following example updates the partitioning configuration:

SES>update partitionConfig --INPUT_FILE=part.xml --UPDATE_METHOD=overwrite
The object "partitionConfig" was successfully updated.