update resultList

Updates the list of search attributes that can be used for rendering the result list. However, these attributes appear in the result list only if the XSLT style sheet uses them.


update resultList --UPDATE_METHOD=method --INPUT_FILE=xml_filename


update resultList -a method -i xml_filename



Method to use when updating the properties of an object:

  • add: Adds new properties and overwrites existing properties, but does not delete existing properties that are omitted in the XML file.

  • remove: Removes existing properties that are defined in the XML file.

  • overwrite: Replaces the existing property values with the new values.


Path to the XML document that configures the object. See resultList.


This example updates the result list properties:

SES>update resultList --UPDATE_METHOD=add --INPUT_FILE=resultlist.xml
The object "resultList" was successfully updated.