Introduction to the Administration API

The Oracle SES Administration API supports management of large-scale deployments. It provides a command-line interface and a Web services interface to the same administrative tasks performed using the Oracle SES Administration GUI.

The following are the building blocks of the Administration API:

  • Administrative Objects: An administrative object (or simply an object) models a feature in Oracle SES that can be managed directly through the API.

    An object is either creatable or universal. You can create multiple instances of a creatable object, such as a source or a schedule. You can configure, but not create, a universal object, such as the crawler settings. The administrative objects are described in Chapter 2, "Administration Object Types."

  • Operations: Operations perform an action on one or more objects, such as creating, deleting, starting, or stopping them. If an operation fails, then all changes are rolled back. The command-line operations are described in Chapter 3, "searchadmin Commands," and the Web services operations are described in Chapter 4, "Web Service Operations."