5 Installing Coherence*Web on WebLogic Portal

Coherence*Web can be installed in a WebLogic Portal environment to provide session state management based on Coherence. Coherence*Web allows for more advanced deployment models, session models, and locking modes in a clustered environment. For more information on these features, see Chapter 4, "Coherence*Web Session Management Features."

5.1 Installing Coherence*Web with WebLogic Portal


As with other WebLogic Server applications, all of the information and instructions in Chapter 2, "Installing Coherence*Web on WebLogic Server 9.2 MP1 and 10.3" apply to deploying Coherence*Web with WebLogic Portal. Please read Chapter 2 before proceeding. It provides much needed context for the following information.

Complete these steps to install Coherence*Web with WebLogic Portal applications:

  1. Install the appropriate WebLogic Patch (ID 6W2W for WLS 10.3, or ID AJQB for WLS 9.2 MP1) and start a cache server using steps 1-3 in "Overview Of Configuration and Deployment".

  2. Copy the coherence.jar (included in the Coherence distribution) into the APP-INF\lib directory of the portal enterprise application.

  3. (Optional) If you want to use the Coherence P13N CacheProvider, then copy the coherence-wlp.jar into the APP-INF\lib of the portal enterprise application.

    See the Integration Guide for Oracle Coherence for more information on the P13N CacheProvider SPI implementation and WSRP-federated portals.

  4. (Optional) If you want to use the Coherence P13N Cache as the default cache provider, add the following element before the first <cache> element to the META-INF\p13n-cache-config.xml file in the portal enterprise application:

  5. Reference coherence-web-spi.war by using a library-reference in the WEB-INF\weblogic.xml file in the portal Web application:

  6. To enable Coherence*Web sessions, set the application parameter coherence-web-sessions-enabled to true in the WEB-INF\web.xml file in the portal Web application:

  7. Create a .EAR of the test application using workshop's EAR deployment. This EAR will be deployed to the cluster for testing.

  8. In the portal domain, first deploy coherence-web-spi.war as a library to the cluster.

  9. In the portal domain, deploy the application EAR to the cluster.