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Part I Overview

1 Overview of Oracle CEP Server Administration

Part II Standalone-Server Domains

2 Introduction to Standalone-Server Domains

3 Administrating Oracle CEP Standalone-Server Domains

4 Deploying Applications to Standalone-Server Domains

Part III Multi-Server Domains

5 Introduction to Multi-Server Domains

6 Administrating Multi-Server Domains With Oracle Coherence

7 Administrating Multi-Server Domains With Oracle CEP Native Clustering

8 Deploying Applications to Multi-Server Domains

Part IV Configuring Services

9 Configuring Security for Oracle CEP

10 Configuring Jetty for Oracle CEP

11 Configuring JMX for Oracle CEP

12 Configuring JDBC for Oracle CEP

13 Configuring HTTP Publish-Subscribe for Oracle CEP

14 Configuring Logging and Debugging for Oracle CEP

Part V References

A wlevs.Admin Command-Line Reference

B Deployer Command-Line Reference

C Security Utilities Command-Line Reference