1 Introduction to Oracle Identity Navigator

Oracle Identity Navigator is an administrative portal designed to act as a launch pad for Oracle Identity Management components. It does not replace the individual component consoles. Rather, it allows you to access the Oracle Identity Management consoles from one site.

This chapter contains the following sections:

1.1 Relationships with Other components

Oracle Identity Navigator is a web-based application that you access through a browser. It is installed with other Oracle Identity Management components, and enables you access other components by product discovery.

You can use Oracle Identity Navigator to access consoles for Oracle Access Manager, Oracle Adaptive Access Manager, Oracle Identity Manager, Directory Services (ODSM), and other Oracle Identity Management services. You configure Oracle Identity Navigator to connect to these consoles either by specifying the URLs directly, or by employing the product discovery feature.

Like Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control, Oracle Identity Navigator is a J2EE application deployed on a Oracle WebLogic Administration Server. It uses Oracle Metadata Service.

The Oracle Identity Navigator report feature relies on Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher and requires configuration to communicate with an Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher server.

You can access RSS feeds from oracle.com. You might need to configure a proxy to connect through your company's firewall.

Figure 1-1 shows these relationships:

Figure 1-1 Relationships Between Oracle Identity Navigator and Other Components

Surrounding text describes Figure 1-1 .

1.2 Single Sign-on Integration

Oracle Identity Navigator is integrated with 11g Oracle Platform Security Services for single sign-on support. Some of the component consoles that you can access with Oracle Identity Navigator are single sign-on enabled and can be configured to authenticate against the same authentication service in the Oracle Identity Navigator operation environment. Single sign-on enabled consoles include Oracle Access Manager, Oracle Identity Manager, Oracle Adaptive Access Manager, and Authorization Policy Manager. Double sign-on occurs for other components, such as Oracle Directory Services Manager and Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control. See "Configuring Single Sign-On" for more information.

1.3 Reports

Oracle Identity Navigator supports a set of reports by default. The reports provide meaningful information for auditors to examine the security practice of the component in the deployment environment, as well as enabling system administrators to check the component health status.

1.3.1 Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher

All reports are generated using Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher. Oracle BI Publisher must be installed separately. See "Configuring Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher" for more information on installing and configuring Oracle BI Publisher.

1.3.2 My Reports

My Reports is a portlet you use to view your favorite Oracle Identity Management Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher reports in the Navigator content. In addition, the My Reports portlet allows you to save the query to run a report and run the report again. As an administrative user, you have your own My Reports portlet on the Dashboard page of Oracle Identity Navigator. You can add report categories to My Reports and save different reports under different categories.

This portlet enables you to perform the following tasks:

  • Show a list of Oracle Identity Management BI Publisher Reports in a portlet configuration page.

  • Select a report and add it to the My Reports list from a portlet configuration page.

  • View and run any report that the you have access to.

Reports are categorized by the component they belong to.

1.4 News

Oracle Identity Navigator supports the following three Oracle RSS feeds:

  • OTN Discussion Forums for Identity Management

  • Oracle New Downloads

  • Oracle Security Alerts.

The RSS feeds can not be changed.