autoSuggestBehavior auto suggest behavior

The autoSuggestBehavior tag is a declarative way to show the suggestedItems in a dropdown for the editable components based on user input in the field.

suggestedItems attribute needs to be bounded to a method with signature List<javax.faces.model.SelectItem> mysuggestedItemsMethod(String)
The labels of the selectItems will be displayed in the dropdown and when the user selects a particualr item the value will be selected and displayed in the input field.


            <af:inputText id="inputText" label="String value"
                <af:autoSuggestBehavior suggestedItems="#{bean.suggestedItems}"/>



Name Type Supports EL? Description
suggestedItems String required An EL expression pointing to the java method which returns List<javax.model.SelectItem> of the suggestedItems. The method should take one string argument, submitted value